CREATURE presents:
Making Matters 2.0


26 Apr – 6 May 2023, 2–6pm

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CREATURE presents Making Matters 2.0. The exhibition presents practice based/led research from London Metropolitan University staff. It offers staff with an interdisciplinary background a platform to showcase and communicate their work in progress.

The relevance of making is an integral part of the research which requires skilled comprehension. The form of com- in Latin means "with, together". Taken in English from the 17thC, it is a living prefix meaning "together, mutually, in common". Descendants of prehendere in English include comprehend meaning "to grasp the nature or significance of". Such an etymology highlights the hands-on activity of making and its physicality. In other words, the grasping of ‘stuffness', the properties, actions and decisions, and trajectories of what happens if. Making is an unspoken text, an irreplaceable language that supports and speaks to the creative research processes. Making communicates in ways that language alone cannot.

Making Matters 2.0 showcases research and creativity in but not exclusive to sculpture, design, textile, photography, film, metal, and visual art.



Ektoras Arkomanis, Lucia Medina Uriarte and Mae Shummo + Manuela Barczewski + Kieron Baroutchi + James Cant + Sara Carneholm + Chiara Cola + Emma Davenport + Emily Evans + George Faraday + Irina Georgescou + Simon Hasan + James Hunting + Kaye Newman + Gina Pierce + Wendy Rose + William Smith + Michael Upton + Partick Ward + Claire Whelan + Sam Wingate + Heidi Yeo + Simone ten Hompel

Venue Info

26 Apr – 6 May 2023, 2–6pm
School of Art, Architecture and Design
London Metropolitan University
Calcutta House
Old Castle Street
London E1 7NT