Liveness 2021

3D Studio 02: Mind and Matter

Liveness 2021 (Archive)


-physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit
-be important or significant
-a subject or situation under consideration


-the process of making or producing something
-the essential qualities needed for something

As part of this studio you will engage with these definitions.

We do not have expectations of the function, the appearance or the construction and technical processes.


We apply rigour in everything we do. 

Believe in yourselves, believe in what you are striving to make. Not everything will succeed but everything will mark a moment in your development, another stepping stone to your creative realisation. 

Our resources will include the French student led art movement of ’68, the punk approaches to art, political making, some lovely textiles from history, the processes and gestures  of the maker and the tactile qualities of what we use.

Being a member of this studio requires thought, adventure and a willingness to understand who we are. 

Key Phrases

-What is your thinking?
-At which point did you decide to try this?
-Are you satisfied?

None of these are one word answers, we are in turbulent times for creativity and for the creative industries. You are the new thinkers and the new creators. 

We'll begin the year with the making project, using starting points created over the break we will revisit our gestures and awaken our haptic memories – ready to build and explore new directions.

Projects will include working with the local community to create a public identity, engaging with a interior design project set by Vanderhuld studio member Frances McBain, working with archives to inspire, motivate and re-examine accepted ideas and designs.

They will be self-led and instigated projects demonstrating your engagement and energy.

Escapism by Nanci Lynch

Animated Patterns

Rebecca Bossley

Study textiles at London Met