Liveness 2021

Year 1

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Project Red 2021 – Lockdown 2020–21 and our half-scale mannequins

Dip into a series of video clips by Year 1 Fashion BA students Oliver Selic, Laura Ibanez, Jordann Holliday, Ellen Kinder, Izabella Mrzyglod, India Appleton, Eliza Wilkinson and Willow Prieto-Johnson

Tom Watson, L4 (First Year)

My work focuses on themes of tangibility and experience, specifically in regard to exploring the ocean. Each piece in the series represents a different depth of the sea (and of exploration of it). The cage (steel, brazing rod and silver) is first, mimicking designs of fishing equipment, piers rigging etc. Next in the series is the powder-coated and silver "submersible", representing deeper exploration and discovery of increasingly alien life at depths. It is an experience that would be unparalleled and  I can only imagine. Finally is the copper, aluminium and silver box, which reflects the unknown and alien elements of the sea with its deep expressive marks on the anodised aluminium. Everyone will see something different in those marks just how everyone could imagine there is something else at the deepest depths.

Fashion Accessories and Jewellery. Mesh box ring
Disgraceful project, Lobster pot by Tom Watson
Fashion Accessories and Jewellery. Painted Aluminium box ring
Disgraceful project, Aluminium Box ring by Tom Watson
Fashion Accessories and Jewellery. Yellow Sub Ring
Disgraceful project, Yellow Submersible ring by Tom Watson