Liveness 2021

Interiors Studio 3 Year 2
Red Rose Haven

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Poster showing a collage with children playing and the slogan "Small world big hope, Creative Playground"

Event poster, Ioana Caruntu

Poster showing a collage with a little child and the slogan "Kids can't wait, Children facing life of Poverty".

Site analysis and community choice in Whitechapel, Ioana Caruntu


Our site is Whitechapel Gallery, a public art gallery situated on Whitechapel High Street. As well as exhibiting the work of contemporary artists, the gallery organises activities that involve the local community, having played a pivotal role in the growth of East London as an art quarter.

Studio 03 will operate in the interstice between East London’s artist communities and the neighbouring city, with its workers and commuters racing between the office and their suburban homes. Specifically, we will investigate what the future holds for this symbiotic relationship.

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