Liveness 2021

Interiors Studio 3 Year 3
Red Rose Haven

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Image showing a red building in the middle of a lush park. Leonie Miessner

Rotherhithe: An Unexpected Green Spot in London, Leonie Miessner


Studio 3 will work with Rotherhithe communities, questioning how the unprecedented events of 2020 that have driven commuters, visitors and opportunists away from the inner city, call for new spaces to live and work in. 

Whereas the first two decades of the century have seen gentrification and real estate development push locals away from their sought-after neighbourhoods, erasing the cultural tolerance of London; might the decades ahead hold a different fate for inner-city communities? If so, how should the Canada Water Action Area Plan adapt to this urban exodus of our time, so as not to become yet another ruin to capitalism and commercial development once commuters work from home? 

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