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First Year

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Year 1 has tackled a series of design and research projects beginning with those for a modest, singular function, and progressing toward larger-scale, diverse compositions of spaces.

The students began their work based on sites nearby the University building; the tasks were to design a one-room kiosk Project 1 Brief - Kiosk, followed by a three-room museum for the Brooking Collection Project 2 Brief – Housing the Brooking. A detailed case study Project 3 Brief – Case Study project both introduced them to design research and exposed them to an intelligent built work of architecture, in preparation for the final design project of the year, based in Deptford Project 4 Brief – Performing, Making & Living in Deptford - a home and workshop for a maker or performer.

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At the heart of the First Year Studio programme is an intention to impart a practical understanding of a set of skills and principles, that encourage a critical engagement with the visual and verbal lexicon of the architectural discipline - without stifling the exuberance of inexperience.

This begins with developing rigour in how they look at, and record their physical and social context. The design process is understood through making and iterative testing with physical media. Central to this process is the studio environment and the continuous reflective dialogue between both student and tutor, and the student and their peers, such that they may begin to articulate their design intentions with precision. These skills will ultimately underpin their future creative practice, and prepare them for the challenges of the higher years of architectural education.

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Observing & Recording Places
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Drawing the Brooking
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Analysing Buildings
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This is How We Work

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Making Buildings