Liveness 2020


Liveness 2020 (Archive)

This is how we learned. Videos by AID students, edited by Oybek Dadashev

"From September to March, we explored the campus and surrounding area of Aldgate. Every student had a journey, some traveling over an hour to get to class. Months passed before we learned our way around the somewhat disjointed campus, where certain halls and stairways mimicked an M.C. Escher drawing, a fun exercise for foundation year architecture students. During the first project for critique no.1, students were assigned an on-campus site to dissect and design for. For many of us, a relationship developed between us and our site, where every millimeter was recorded, counted, and considered."

Hailey Savage, AID Student

School-drawing.jpg See what we saw
The building. Drawing by Oybek Dadashev

From the outside it’s a large rectangle with an interesting bridge. As always at first, it’s immense. Friendlier than a hospital but no less intimidating. In time I learn my routes, and my routes only. With a bit more confidence that I won’t get completely lost, I stray from these routes. There’s art and friendly faces around every corner. It’s warm, even when some walls are stark white. I’ve made a friend in the hallways. I’ve no idea of her name but I can tell you about her kids, education and job at the school. I see her weekly and she always remembers what I’m doing. It’s homely here now. It’s nice to comfortable at school. Don’t go to the basement though, it’s a trap.

Michael Hazley, AID Student

work-made-in-the-university.jpg What we made here
Hailey Savage testing out her Explorer device on Artillery Passage

"Quiet day at work; I get a chance to finish up some of my uni work. Varying from laptop work/writing to sketchbook work as it’s awkward busting out a t-square and customers coming in at the same time (happened to me twice)."

Trinna Cenas

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