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This is what a crit during lockdown looked like. Photo and work by Hailey Savage.

"Going to school has never been so easy. Get up. Kettle. Cup. Sofa. Laptop. It used to take almost two hours including showers, teeth brushing, clothes and prep. The train was only twenty minutes too but instead I enjoyed the extra sleep time. Luxury. Trial and error. Connection loss. “Mute your microphone please. Photos galore and buffering. Plentiful “can you repeat that last part please. That’s not ideal but a happy trade off is unlimited free food. Ish. Working from home through this pandemic has been a glorious thing. You can just get up and leave for a trundle in the park, your working environment can follow on your phone. Everything can be done in your own time, even more so than it was before. Everyone’s in the same boat! And importantly I had something to do through the worst of it. I’m thankful for that, but still I find I very much want to go back to school."

Michael Hazley, AID student

Thursday, April 2 2020, 10:13 AM, online group session on Teams with tutor group Aleks Catina, Irina Georgescu, Luke Jones. Photo by Hailey Savage.
Sample of sketches produced by tutors during online tutorials. This one was accompanying a discussion on how to take pictures of drawings for the final portfolio submission. Sketch by Irina Georgescu.
Alicja Ptasznik (AID), Lockdown workspace

‘It was a challenge. Living alone with a small child takes a lot of energy. I had to maintain my obsessive cleaning need/ other house chores, parenting and university work. For the first two months I simply didn’t do any university work. I would be only able to listen to all lectures if my son was quiet for a moment. Out of the blue a family member took my son for 13 days, allowing me to cramp all my university work at once. I have accomplished as much as I could and I am pretty proud of it.’

Alicja Ptasznik to do list for portfolio submission
Oybek-Dadashev_The-Explorer_How-it-works-2-(1).jpg What we made during lockdown
Oybek Dadashev - The Explorer, How it works
Johan Hjertqvist

"Lockdown workspace"