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Liveness 2020 (Archive)


The Foundation course is an intensive one-year course prior to progression onto a choice of 22 undergraduate degree courses at the School of Art, Architecture and Design. It is both preparatory and diagnostic; helping to build a body of work; identify areas of advanced study; develop knowledge and skill related to a range of specialist undergraduate degree programs.

A key aspect of the course is to regularly present work-in-progress and finished projects to peers and tutors within the course and across the School; preparing students for the public exhibition at the end of year. This is closely related to developing each student’s skills around critical reflection in relation to their own work and other’s. The Foundation Course has 2 entry points in each academic year - in September (YEAR cohort) and January (TERM 2 cohort). The Foundation is a gathering point for a wide range of creative people - from school leavers to career changers - who have made the decision to make the initial step towards a creative practice.

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Critical and Conceptual Studies Foundation
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Art and Design Foundation
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Architecture and Interior Design Foundation