Liveness 2020

The colour project

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

The exhibition is the final stage of the Colour Project, which was taught between week 3-10. Students developed works in relation to colour and composition, focusing on perception, the mixing of pigments, testing and experimenting with different materials as well as 2 and 3 dimensionalities. References to Johannes Itten’s colour wheel, Josef Albers’ Interaction of

Colour accompanied the workshops between week 3-7. The works displayed in this window are made in collaborations with 2 students. During the last 3 weeks students developed and executed their ideas independently, with a strong focus on experiences and knowledge gained in the colour workshops from week 3-7. This was the first exhibition for this year’s L3 students.

The exhibition took place in the Aldgate Library Window from 11th December to 9th of January.

Doina Pituscan Colour Book video
Annalucia Zucaro Colour