Liveness 2020

First Year

Liveness 2020 (Archive)


The first-year Fine Art students were prolific, passing through a ‘carousel’ of six art media project workshops.

The students visited Turner Contemporary to see the Turner Prize exhibition, they organised their own ‘Pop Up’ exhibitions in the spring, some were held successfully on campus in the Annex, seeing ambitious durational performances and collaborative installations.

Due to Lockdown some exhibitions were held online on Instagram, these were exciting and enabled students to engage with each other’s work well.

During the first year, Fine Art students undertook two themed projects – ‘Orientation’ and ‘Information’ as well as a self-directed project at the end of the academic year. The work on display here is a selection from both self-directed and themed projects.

The students have responded exceptionally well to the change of teaching environment this year due to the Lockdown, and we are very impressed with their resilience, aptitude and enthusiasm for the course and their own learning. Some of the first-year students are currently taking part in the Zagreb exchange programme, this year taking place online due to Covid-19. We look forward to seeing how the students develop their work in the coming academic year.