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Interior Design (BA Hons)

Interior Design & Decoration (BA Hons)

Interior Architecture and Design (BA Hons)

(Image 1)IOANA-CARUNTU_If-Walls-Could-Talk_Chair_IMAGE 1.jpg Project 1 – If Walls Could Talk

Students were asked to design an exhibition space developed from researched personal narratives of those whom live or have lived within Tower Hamlets.  The outcomes will be based within the meeting space of the newly proposed Town Hall, Whitechapel High Street, the former Royal London Hospital. The findings from the initial research booklets were developed into a designed narrative and imbued into a bought wooden chair. The meeting space was then investigated and developed into a curated exhibition, that would include outcomes from the cohort, considering the historical and cultural context, materiality, and experience of the space.

(Image 2)Robert-Stefanescu_Cross-Roads_Concept-Sketch_Year-1-Interior-Design-and-Decoration_IMAGE 2.jpg Project 2 – Crossroads

The second project investigated the vernacular and attributes of the street and how primary research can be imbued into the proposed boulevard running along the length of the South side of the new Tower Hamlets Town Hall.  The aim is to connect the diverse community to the civic and each other, through serendipitous points such as bookshop, meeting/social/cafe space, enabling the discovery and debate through history, local issues and wellbeing for those who live and work within Borough.