Liveness 2020


Liveness 2020 (Archive)

AAD Research is where architects, artists and designers generate new knowledge through practice.

Galia-Kollectiv_-ghost-pavilion.jpg Galia Kollectiv

Ghost Pavilion [still], Galia Kollectiv (Art). Works collaboratively with Pil Kollectiv. They investigate the relationship between art, labour and politics.

Sian Moxon_ Sectional Perspective of Rewilded Street i.jpg Sian Moxan

Sectional Perspective of Rewilded Street, Siân Moxon (Architecture). Research concerning biodiversity in the urban environment.

Lisa-Cerutti---Nebula-II-(ON).jpg Lisa Cerutti

Nebula II, Lisa Cerutti (PhD). Visual research methods, exploring the potential of light as an innovative medium for designing wearables. Lisa was awarded her doctoral degree in 2017.

Rose_Hervey_-Kraftwerk.jpg Rosie Hervey

Kraftwerk, Rosie Hervey (Architecture). Looking at urban networks of care; collective housing and common space as a spatio-social concept.

Lucy-Pritchard_Design-concept-drawing-of-building-combs-and-cultivation-north-of-the-bastide.jpg Lucy Pritchard

Design concept drawing of building combs and cultivation north of the bastide, Lucy Pritchard (PhD). Lucy was awarded her PhD in 2019.

George.JPG George Fereday

Poster for Mudchute Project, George Fereday (Architecture). Exploring the use of domestically grown timber in the UK built environment.

James-Hunting-_-Queerly-Made-.jpg James Hunting

Queerly Made, James Hunting (Textiles). Exploring the inherent dichotomy of inclusion and recognition; difference is always better when left to flourish.

Nick-Temple.JPG Nick Temple

Perspectiva and Shifting Modalities of Representation (flyer), Nick Temple (Architecture). Symposium on the quantum shift in the nature and meaning of the observer in the history of visualisation and representation.

Kirsten.JPG Kirsten Jeske Thompson

Navigating history using housing typologies, Kirsten Jeske Thompson (PhD). Kirsten was awarded her doctoral degree in 2019.

emily-evans_firemans-carry.jpg Emily Evans

Fireman’s Carry, Emily Evans (Visual Communication). Current research is around The Risograph, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Art and Design.

Lucy Bullivant_Picturing Lockdown .jpg Lucy Bullivant

Picturing Lockdown, Lucy Bullivant (PhD 2015 and Research Seminar Presenter). During lockdown Lucy co-founded the Urban Manifesto webinar series with Prathima Manohar, founder of The Urban Vision.


Hugh Masekela Memorial Pavilion, Westpark Cemetery, Johannesburg, photo by Harriet McKay (Interiors). Research concerning politics and design with a focus on South Africa.

Ektoras Arkomanis_Migrations.jpg Ektoras Arkomanis

Migrations Postcard, Ektoras Arkomanis (Critical and Contextual Studies). Research revolving around urban areas which remain in the margins of planning, history and the city’s conscience.

Asif-Din_Accounting-for-Carbon-Impacts-in-Buildings.jpg Asif Din

Accounting for Carbon Impacts in Buildings, Asif Din (PhD). Asif was awarded his doctoral degree in 2019 .

Our School enjoys a thriving research community, sharing an ethos of collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue and public engagement. We see the respective strands of Arts, Architecture and Design not as separate entities, but as interlinking threads, through which we aim to explore innovative practice and contribute to the broader knowledge economy. Above all, we want our research to make a difference, be this on a personal, local or global level.

Our approach focuses on the joining up of our curriculum with research, not only in the paradigm of ‘research-informed teaching’, but also in the concept of a ‘vertical model’ of articulation between student learning, real world engagement, and the research contributions of our staff members. The role of practice is vital in our research scope: many of our staff members are leading practitioners in their fields, whose contribution to knowledge in their disciplines takes the form of public projects, exhibitions, performances, artefacts. They conceptualise their studios as laboratories for the collaborative, pedagogically-driven testing and promulgation of new ideas, products and modes of practice. This embedded connection between practice, research and teaching positions our expertise at the heart of curriculum design and delivery.

Part of what distinguishes the environment of our School is its unique calendar of events and initiatives, which is designed both to complement the broader University schedule and to promote the eclecticism of our programme and the latter’s distinctive connections with the Creative Industries and related research areas. Our Research Seminars, Materials Lectures, Theatre Arts Industry Events, FormGivers, Visual Communication Hothouse talks and the student-led Who Cares series are just some of our programmes that promote knowledge sharing and creative dialogue.

Here in Liveness, we include some highlights of our research interests and initiatives, connecting our staff with our students, and our School with the diverse culture of which it is a proud contributor.

Bob-and-Roberta.jpg Bob and Roberta Smith

Patrick Brill (Art Bob and Roberta Smith), a short film I made at the Royal Academy about an exhibition I made about my mother.]

The Legacy of the Foundation of Salisbury: Festival, Movement and City, Christian Frost (Architecture)

Crossing Cultures, Sandra Denicke-Polcher and Jane McAllister (Architecture)

Depth Structures in High Street Publics, Jane Clossick (Architecture). Research into urban morphology and the philosophy and ethics of architecture and urban space.

La Rivoluzione delle Seppie, Rita Elvira Adamo (PhD Architecture 2020)

Technology 2 module and recent 1:1 Making Week in Calabria February 2019, Sandra Denicke Polcher and others (Architecture).