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Liveness 2020 (Archive)

"The foundation year students of 2019/2020 heavily relied on each other for peer support and teaching. Though we all started the year with different levels of education and experience, we completed the year together, as a group of individuals who were taught a “new way of designing. Our tutors worked one-on-one with us and honed in on our individual styles, teaching us how to exaggerate and improve in these specific areas, whilst developing a necessary platform of architectural knowledge. Rapport blossomed between students and technicians who offered a wealth of knowledge about machinery and construction toward anyone walking around the workshop with a confused look on their face. These relationships were vital to us as foundation students.’"

Hailey Savage, AID student

Foundation AID Relationships

This is us. These are our relationships. Videos by AID students, edited by Oybek Dadashev

Where we started – First studio session – Drawing space from memory
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Learning together
Johan Hjertqvist’ movement drawing of Carolina Ribeiro da Silva taking measurements
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Antony Pigram

Exploring the space on site for the Cast project.

"When you get to the classroom, they’re big. Really big. Dotted around the large, open and clean studio space there’re pockets of smaller communities. These communities quickly become friends through problem solving, tool sharing, paper giving and helping hands. These pockets soon disperse, leaving only community."

Michael Hazley, AID student

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Joshua Cutler

Photo (from left to right) Antony Pigram, Alicja Ptasznik, Joshua Cutler

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Anjella Thomas

Photo (from left to right) Simran Kadir, Hailey Savage, Joshua Cutler, Husna Paruk

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Cristian Golumbeanu

Photo (from left to right) Susan Hein, Rabia Khalid, Cristian Golumbeanu, Kousha Sahranavard

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Oybek Dadashev

At the December crit