Liveness 2020


Liveness 2020 (Archive)

‘Wild Souls’ – The Fashion Salon

The BA Fashion Graduates presented ‘Wild Souls’ – a salon extraordinaire infused with the outrageous, mystical and magical. A jungle setting rich of aromas and playing with the senses was a wild backdrop canopy to showcase the unrivalled collections from our Fashion graduates, releasing their untamed imagination and mesmerising creations.

Beyond the imagination is reality, every design has been meticulously executed through tailoring, corsetry, draping, leather sculpture; skills and techniques each student has learnt, adopted and made their own during their 3 year fashion course at London Metropolitan University. We look forward to welcoming you to our world of undiscovered talent and captivating minds, rich with ambition….

Studio 5 – Fruit Machine

Experiment and make new discoveries, explore what it means to be free and alive, passion and fear are all key ingredients for this Fruit salad. Anything goes, turn it upside and inside out. Are there any limitations to what you can imagine? If so, where are they, what are they, and why do they exist? Question everything, what is real, what is fantasy?

Alisa Parfeni  WGSN TransForm

Alisa Parfeni, WGSN Transform. More

Studio 6 – Blitz

Blitz is about knowing who you are, having a voice, an opinion and unleashing your self upon the world. Blitz is where you can have your say! Read more

Fashion Studios 2018_0163

Fashion Studio 6 – BLITZ. More

First Year – Project Red

Frist Year – Project Red. More

Lockdown Diaries

Aida Rusu

Giulia Michelin

Narmada Sivadeep

Narmada Sivadeep

Ronja Thielmann

Carolina Fernandini

Orsolya Kiss

Lasma Cimdare

Precious Ikekhua

Elena Colli

Elena Colli

Eshter Drake

Dina Harti

Somayia Khan

Lina Arthur

Somayia Khan

Somayia Khan