Liveness 2020

Studio 3
Visual Communication

Liveness 2020 (Archive)


Studio 3 Exploring, digital, graphic design, user experience, illustration and digital product design

Studio 3 explored the hybridity within design via the exploration of toolkits, hacks, formal and informal approaches to visual communication. The studio is designed to be different whilst maintaining a sensibility to the practice of past, current and future visual communication theories and practices.

Studio 3 also introduced the concept of the Studio Master Class into the 2019/20 calendar. For project 1 students were introduced to industry practitioners Hashmuk Kerai a Motion Graphic Designer and 3D Illustrator, Joe Cruz Artist and Illustrator and Meena Bhella a Make-up Artist and Designer who explored their practice and perspective on the theme of Identity via taught sessions..

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Agata Rodriguez Final Major Project

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Sabrina Paris Identity Algorithm Project


Ruiyung Jiang, Identity Algorithm, Studio 3, Project 1

James Iredale FMP Video

Kyle Sims, Mixcloud Video walkthrough. Studio 3, Project 2 – in collaboration with Studio Output


Charlie Jefferson, Mixcloud Project Logomark

James Iredale, BBC Tips – D&AD Video


Agata Rodriguez, Illustrative Makeup Workshop

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Agata Rodriguez

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Helena Sanchez

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Jeremy Greeno


Ruiyung Jiang FMP, Studio 3, Project 1

Thanks to Output group for their support and this years academic project collaboration.