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Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Studying the Fashion course helped me face the reality of the industry since the beginning; it really pushes you to find your true self and the designer you want to become!
Carla Palazzo, Fashion

Studying the Fashion course has made me feel prepared to go out into the fashion industry with all the skills I need, it’s a well designed and structured course and provides you with all integral aspects and skills for the field. A supporting and encouraging course taught, inspired and influenced by experienced fashion industry professionals.
Konstantina Grigoriadou, Fashion

… we are all equal. Some develop sooner, some later, but progress happens. Education that is what we all need. Only through observing, learning, analyzing and practicing good deeds can we progress as humans. I went off track here. All I wanted to say is that I have gained enormous amount of knowledge this year and I am so grateful that l have this thirst for learning and also the opportunity to study. The last few months have been very challenging, but fortunately I haven’t felt alone and most importantly have not given up. While being a student I have matured with a keen sense of teamwork, have developed individual responsibility, research and evaluation skills, expanded my technological competency and ability to transfer knowledge and skills to a new context. I enjoyed the courses philosophy in making… One project turns into a new one, that one turns into the next one…and another one …
Indra Bindere Jewellery & Accessories

I have learnt a lot and so many things this year and am glad to have been enrolled in the course. Always thinking that it is possible to do more so not always happy with what I have done. But this a story that never ends. Thanks for all your help, teaching, and patience all around the year and I am very grateful for all the very positive feedback.
Miguel Martinez Souto, Furniture & Product

My final year of Textile Design has been filled with excitement and challenges, a particular strength of the course has been the swift transition to moving to an online platform with a well organised textile team.  The team knows my skills, my weaknesses, knows how to help and support me to produce my best work. This is a distinctive feature of the course, we have the most contact with our tutors. Another distinctive element is the freedom to explore all the creative avenues, such as weave, print, stitch, digital printing, knit.  The course is truly diverse and allows everyone to explore and focus on one aspect or to experiment with different mediums. You are allowed and encouraged to be individual and to focus on developing your creative voice. We have regular visits to industry related events and opportunities to travel abroad to places like Pitti Filati in Italy. There are also opportunities to visit mills such as Abraham Moon in Bradford, these are so important because they reinforce your learning and give exposure to greater understanding about how the industry works.
Tamara Rhoden-Peterson, Textiles

Six months ago if you had asked me where I’d be now I definitely wouldn’t have said here... and I definitely didn’t expect to finish my degree in my pyjamas, but here we are! My final year has been my toughest yet but I’ve ended it on such a high! I’m so proud of what I’ve produced and how far I’ve come, and I’m so grateful for those who have helped me get here.
Rachel Strachan, Textiles

I have had an intrinsically rewarding and enriching experience during my time with Furniture and Product at London Met. I have learnt a wide variety of construction processes and how to use a myriad of machinery that have opened my possibilities -  to be able to envision any product or furniture piece and know how to create it, efficiently and robustly, is a priceless asset.
Tomas Chacon, FDA Furniture & BA Furniture & Product

I submitted my dissertation like an hour ago and I just wanted to say thank you soooo much, Lesley, for all the help you have given me over this year, I can't thank you enough. I have put all my effort into this dissertation and without your help I would have not been able to complete it, I am so grateful to have you as my supervisor.
Fatima Ijaz

Thank you ever so much, Emma, I could not imagine having a better mentor for my thesis. Knowing that I am going forward to be better, is because of the lessons I learned from your sessions, I will go forth not only to be a better reader but also a better writer, learner and listener, I am going to miss dropping into your office to talk, but I hope we can stay in touch! Thank you for making learning the best thing ever.
Caroline Torisheju Gallagher