Liveness 2020


Liveness 2020 (Archive)

The extraordinary times that we are living through point to the necessity for designers to be able to react rapidly, flexibly and inventively to the circumstances in which they work. For many years we have been working with students to equip them to design for the future, not the past, and to produce considered work that is effective, inclusive and responsible; that ambition seems all the more urgent now. Our students are no longer content to design ‘product’ whose purpose is simply to find a market and make a profit. Whether our students are responding to issues connected to the environment, health, social equity or individual wellbeing, we can see in their research and design a real sense of responsibility to make a difference that will improve the experience of the users of their designs. Sometimes this may mean engaging with the latest science and technology, or it may mean a return to older, slower ways of doing things, perhaps as a community. Whichever approach our students take, you will be able to see their commitment and creativity in the work that is showcased here.

Chris Emmett
Head of Design