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‘Textiles is Everything’

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‘Textiles is everything’ – LondonMet students speak about what Textiles means to them

We are a supportive and united team – and we approach your studies as an individual three year journey.

We consider the first year as an opportunity to introduce, refine and experiment with a range of ‘tools’ -including the many forms of drawing, colour work, digital media, and practical techniques that include weaving, knitting , printing and stitch – the outcomes are the journey – a range of exciting and personal explorations will enable you to begin to discover who you are creatively and where you may fit in in the wider design world.

Year Two

Year two – which we teach with the students in Year Three – brings a range of projects, devised and delivered in collaboration with companies and designers from the world of fashion, interiors, community projects and fine art. These projects encourage you to further refine your knowledge, gain deeper skills in making processes that appeal to you- we suggest that students make a choice during this year of their more specialist areas, although we support a multi disciplinary engagement with materiality and process.

Year Three

Year Three is where you bring your creative identity to the fore- we support your ideas, we question your thoughts and we help you realise your aspirations. Our ethos is to recognise each student as an individual creative person, with history, ideas, and boundless potential- Our commitment to you is to support, enable, encourage the best- rigour underpins our teaching and our own practice

Scissors, Jeanne Izard

Orbital Sander, Jeanne Izard

Critical and Contextual Studies

Third Year students Katrina Walker, Phoebe Agnew and Jodie Barnacle Best are all featured on the Critical and Contextual Studies page, where we celebrate some of the best undergraduate research and writing.

Katrina Walker

The stigmas attached to mourning solidifies to me that the pleasures of it can only be understood by those who have truly experienced grief’s unyielding force.

Katria Walker, Grief and Love are Forever Intertwined

Phoebe Agnew

Twelve miles north of Glasgow city centre, set in the heart of the Camspie Fells, is a small town called Lennoxtown. If you walk east from Lennoxtown for thirty minutes, through the forest, past a suspicious ‘Logging – Do Not Cross’ sign and along a grand overgrown road, you will find it: Lennox Castle Hospital’s ruin.

Phoebe Agnew on the significance of Lennox Castle Hospital’s ruin

Jodie Barnacle-Best

‘Undeniably the success of the sustainable swimwear industry cannot ride on one regenerative fabric alone.’

Jodie Barnacle–Best, Econyl: A Case Study of Sustainable Swimwear Design