Liveness 2020

Studio 7
Shifting Glances

Liveness 2020 (Archive)


With strong industry links and a team of internationally renowned academics and practitioners, the BA Fashion Photography degree supports each individual toward developing a unique and personal creative identity through challenging and exciting projects.

Our course features an exciting range of portfolio reviews, visiting lecturers, exhibitions and studio visits that will help you develop an in-depth photographic knowledge.

Our teaching strongly focuses on professional practices and technical skills essential in today’s fast-paced, image-led world, and will support you in developing innovative and highly creative work through industry-facing projects.

The Studio Shifting Glances explores new perspectives of portraiture, fashion and commercial photography.

The way we create, perceive and consume photographs is evolving at increasing peace; photography has always been driven by technological innovation, which has democratised the access to image production and distribution. The digital development however has not killed the analogue medium, for example with increased accessibility to printing technologies it has prompted a revival of printed independent magazines.

Digital and analogue, printed and on screen, still or moving images: photography nowadays is a pervasive experience that takes multiple forms.

This studio will explore and experiment with a range of critically challenging photographic approaches to fashion, portrait and commercial photography, giving you an in-depth understanding of the ever-shifting aesthetics of contemporary imagery. It will analyse the role of the photographer in our image-driven culture and the importance of establishing a unique aesthetic identity, a ‘signature-style’ that will stand the test of time and of the technological shift. Students have worked toward developing personal projects as well as working collectively to develop the first issue of Eight Magazine, a printed fashion publication.

Third Year

Mikah_Arnold_Back_to_Our_Roots_Untitled.jpg Portfolio

Mikah Arnold, Back to Our Roots, 2020


Florence Shaw, Bloom, 2020

ilaria_iannarilli_A_History_of_Bad_Decisions_untitled.jpg See Portfolio

Ilaria Iannarilli, A History of Bad Decisions, 2020

Stefani_Stoyanova_Mimesis.jpg Portfolio

Stefani Stoyanova, Mimesis, 2019-2020

Natasha_Parmenter_Mineral_Vibrations_The_Sun.jpg Portfolio

Natasha Parmenter, Mineral Vibrations, 2020

Londonmet_Photography_Exhibition-Flyer.jpg See website

The Photography Show 2020 features the work of fourteen graduating students from the Photography courses at the University’s School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Exhibition Catalogue 2020

Second Year