Liveness 2020

Theatre Arts

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Taboo – A Festival of Faux Pas. Recording of an online performance in May 2020 by graduating Theatre Arts students

Our practice-based subject area is made up of two degree paths: Theatre and Performance and Theatre and Film. Students explore a range of professional specialisms, with a particular focus on becoming all-round artists and makers. Our tutors are industry professionals in their own right and our courses benefit from an extensive array of partnerships and collaborations with high-profile companies and specialists in the performing arts, both in the UK and internationally.

Our subject area engages with a breadth of artistic disciplines, ensuring that our graduates enter the professional world as versatile, creative practitioners. We held our annual festival, which usually takes place at a London venue, online this year but the results were incredible and we were joined by an audience from across the globe.