Liveness 2020

Studio 2
Visual Communication

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

khalid nahary_viscom_illustration project 1 editorial illustration.jpg

Khalid Nahary, Finding Stories, Project 1 An editorial illustration about the culture of football played in the street

Visual narratives. Illustration and animation focused. Communicating through prints, publications, films and objects while continually experimenting with different forms of art direction and production

Ornella Campanari_Work Ready_Summer Show_Typeface.JPG

Ornella Campanari, Work Ready Live Project, Summer Show Typeface design

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Comic Book Club
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Visit to the Youth Archive Club

Elliot heath _graphic novel.jpg

Elliot Heath, Graphic Novel

Daniel Clark_FMP_Title.png

Daniel Clark, Final Major Project

Chloe De Silva_Project 1_ Charcoal copy (1).jpg

Chloe De Silva, Finding Stories

wonky biology_12032020 vis com illustration talk. Liv Bargemen (23) (1).jpg

Illustration talk by Liv Bargemen, The Visual Communication Talk Series 19/20