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Colonialism, J.K. Rowling, whiteness, memoir, illness, authorship, publishing, emotions, policing, urban life, time, writing, racism, embodiment, microbiology & virology, climate emergency, cancer, statues, black writers, code-switching, Generation C, death, Romanticism, mediumship, fantasy, Asian American writing, disease, protest, Walter Benjamin.

Compiled by Laura Szandomierska with contributions from Chris Arnephie, Second Year students at Creative Writing and English Literature.

‘White Supremacism and the Earth System’ – by Nafeez Ahmed

‘How JK Rowling betrayed the world she created’ – by Gabrielle Bellot

‘Always Narrating: The Making and Unmaking of Umberto Eco’ – by Costica Bradatan

‘Negative emotions are a necessary part of a good life’ – by Arthur C. Brooks

‘The Culture of Policing is Broken’ – by David Brooks

‘Otherbreath’ – by Julie Phillips Brown

‘Location settings, or: the death of the city’ – by Chris Campanioni

‘A Certain Sagan’ – by Sophie Jean-Louis Constantine

‘Lineated time’ – by Raymond de Borja

‘On the Extremest Verge’ – by Mark Doty 

‘Sejal Shah on the Tricky Work of Giving Shape to an Essay Collection – Anjali Enjeti in Conversation with the Author of This is One Way To Dance

‘NK Jemisin: It’s easier to get a book set in Black Africa published if you are white’ – by Alison Flood

‘We owe more to our young writers: on the relevance of the workshop’ – by Ru Freeman

‘Touching is a verb: the hands of the pandemic and the inescapable question’ – by Cristina Rivera Garza

‘All hail the microbe’ – by Lavinia Greenlaw

‘Poets on Couches’ – by Saskia Hamilton

‘When Scientific Data Shapes Climate Literature’ – by Heather Houser

‘The Wicked Candor of Wanda Coleman’ – by Terrance Hughes

‘What Are the Boundaries of a Memoir?’ – by Beth Kephart

‘The American short story and me’ – by Linda Mannheim

‘How Zora Neale Hurston Rewrote the Rule Book’ – by Sarah Lapido Manyika

‘On code-switching’ – by Laia Sales Merino

‘Abolish Whiteness’ –by Jason Okundaye

‘Time and agency: alternate history fictions’ –by Keren Omry

‘The inward eye-painting, poetry, and the world of William Wordsworth’ –by Seamus Perry

‘We’re not talking to you, we’re talking to Saturn’ –by Nick Richardson

‘When the medium is the messenger-the art of communicating with spirits’ –by Sophie Ruigrok

‘Urban fantasy novels: Why they matter and which ones to read first’ –by Paul March Russell

‘What does it mean to write Asian American Literature?’ –by Matthew Salesses

‘Antindex’ –by James Sanders

‘Desire and Disease in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice’ –by Anthony Schneck

‘Everything is what it is’ –by Fernando Sdrigotti

‘Protest is the highest form of patriotism’ –by Adam Serwer

‘Thriving in Isolation and Beyond: The Empowering Poetry of Vasyl Stus’ –by Bohdan Tokarsky

‘Dreaming Freely: On The Ecstatic Fictions of Can Xue’ –by Bailey Trela

Alan Wall on the first person or ‘Considering I, alone’

‘Walter Benjamin and the City’ –by Alan Wall