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In the 3D cluster of courses we offer Undergraduate degrees in Fashion, Textiles, Furniture and Product plus Jewellery and accessories. We also have a specialist FDA Furniture course. We are open from early October for the start of the new academic year.

About our courses;

As a truly hands on experience each course prepares you for the competitive field of designing and making from the ground up. Whether you want to be an independent designer/maker or create your own brand, perhaps work within the industry for a major design house or teach, we work with you to engage your particular strengths and interests in preparation for the world of work.

During your time with us we will explore ideas and approaches that enhance your skills and abilities gradually refining and tailoring to your ambition as an individual. We recognise the essential skills of working both alone and with others. You will experience projects and briefs that cover both scenarios. Everything you design or make is reliant on others to validate its creation, understanding the markets and the opportunities revealed is central to our teaching. Live projects are key to success and we engage with your industry by creating opportunities to meet and present to external professionals across all our disciplines. This works to gain an understanding of the context of your work as a practitioner and stretches your creative and professional muscles.

Our workshops form a central thread through our courses. While we are negotiating the finer aspects of social distancing we will maintain access and build on independent making abilities across a range of projects to enable students to make both on site and off. It is our top priority to keep everyone safe and we are working hard to maintain safe practice while the current Covid-19 epidemic is an issue. Having said that we also are very aware that students want to access workshops as much as possible. It is with this in mind that we are working on strategies to enable as much safe access to our buildings as possible for all students. Our workshops and library will be open for teaching and for study. While social distancing is in place we will be running some online activities as well as on site during the autumn term. There will be trips and visits to safe venues plus lectures and get togethers through social media. We will invite industry professionals to come and meet you online or in person. We will engage you all in social activities through project work that enable a sense of community and belonging. We are good at that!