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Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Formats brings together students from areas such as art, architecture, design (fashion, illustration, graphic) and media (film, photography, animation).

The Formats module addresses what is shared or common across creative practices, such as colour, composition, having and using ideas, collecting and categorising, curating, presenting and exhibiting. It is used to integrate the individual project-related work with knowledge, methods and formats from creative practice more widely. Relations are explored between individual creative practice and other creative practices through producing work in different digital and analogue formats.

There is an emphasis on the process of learning from self-evaluation and critical reflection towards propositions using both prescribed tasks and imaginative/conceptual interpretation.

Formats is taught in the YEAR COHORT and TERM 2 COHORT and comprises of the following projects.

- This is me

- The Colour Project

- Student vs Google

- Visual Narratives

- Teamwork

- Brochure for an Imaginary Event

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This is me
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The colour Project
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Student vs. Google
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Visual Narratives
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Brochure for an imaginary event