Liveness 2020

Architecture and Interior Design Foundation

Liveness 2020 (Archive)


1 Kousha Sahranavard, Antony Pigram, Husna Paruk, Johan Hjertqvist, Alicja Ptasznik, Yolanda Moreno Garcia

2 Oybek Dadashev, Rabia Khalid, Hailey Savage, Rabia Khalid, Carolina Ribeiro da Silva

3 Jarlath Scanlan, Diana Pop, Paul James, Michael Hazley, Marcus Parker, Jemma Estelle Andrews

The Foundation in Architecture and Interior Design (AID) is part of the Foundation Course at the School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University.

Modules AA3001 Project & AA3002 Techniques are known collectively as ‘Studio’. They are taught together on Thursday mornings and Friday all day, in studio, in the Aldgate campus.

During 2020, they have been taught online from 23rd March until the end of the academic year. These are the people and the works of the YEAR cohort and the stories they wanted to tell.

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